Star Trek: Phoenix (Web Series)

Brian Sipe was both a makeup artist and a writer on this web series.


Growing up... watching "TOS"... The Original Series, no doubt played into my future career choice. This production marks the third foray into the Star Trek world for me. 

Trek world for me.   Star Trek : Phoenix is a Seattle "Fan" based production currently being created for the internet.  This incarnation of the series is playing into the future of the Star Trek world... so that gives us a little latitude in changing some of the designs. 

And of course....I get to help by creating...and recreating the alien life forms that will pepper the show.

Roy Stanton as Tevon - Romulan

Roy Stanton as Tevon - Romulan


One of the main characters will be Tevon, played by Roy Stanton. His complicated, but basically, he is a Romulan, but raised as a Vulcan, and currently a Federation Officer assigned to the StarShip Phoenix. Boy I hope I got that right. Obviously...the Romulans have been around since the original series, and of course featured in the upcoming JJ Abrahms reinvention of the show. Having worked on the new Star Trek film, I had to be very careful in the design of the Romlulans. Really, when it came down to designing the Romulans, I sourced back the mythos that the Vulcans, and Romulans came from the same species. And what better Vulcan to reference than Spock. I played with Roy's sculpture to really play off of Nimoys face, and the Spock makeup. Roy even has a similar face, and as every good Trekkie should, he does the brow lift thing. I am very happy with the end result of this makeup. To me, it's simple, clean, and heroic. 


Aaron McCartney as Moural - Romulan

Aaron McCartney as Moural - Romulan


Our second showing of a Romulan is Moural, played by Aaron McCartney. His character, is not as heroic as Tevon. In fact... he has been marked by Romulan society as a traitor...hence the nasty "brand" scar on the right side of his face. Also to show that he is not welcome in the Romulan world... they clipped his right ear point off. This makeup is a fun departure from Roy's makeup. With the scar and the clipped ear...we were able to have more fun with this design. 

Rodrigo DeMedeiros as Councilor Hadik - Trill

Rodrigo DeMedeiros as Councilor Hadik - Trill


The first Trill that we are seeing in the series in Councilor Hadik, played by Rodrigo DeMedeiros.  This makeup is really pulled from the later TV shows.  Didn't have to do any reinvention here, but I like the simplicity of the makeup. 

And of course...with any show like this... I have a great crew.  In case the credit crawl goes by to fast.......everyone is listed below. 

Specialty Makeup & Effects
Designed & Created by

Brian Sipe's
Gamut Studios

Illustration / Designer
Will Alvin

Specialty Makeup Artist

Will Alvin
Miguel Cantu
Anne Sellery
Sheilynne "Shyn" Tommila

Makeup - Dept Head - Darren Haffner
Makeup Artist - Sheilynne "Shyn" Tommila

Hair - Dept Head - Shannon Key