Captain Marvel

Brian Sipe was the Department Head for the Prosthetic Makeups representing Legacy Effects.

He oversaw the build and the On Set teams for the Skrulls and Torfans.

He also did the application for the Talos makeup on Ben Mendelsohn alongside Alexei Dmitriew.

A big stand out for the Skrull makeups was the innovation between Brian and Alexei to develop the “tattoo” paint schemes. This ensured quality, continuity and speed of application for these makeups.

The “tattoo” paint schemes were created and provided by

HookUp Tattoos.


Below is the article for the making of that highlights all the work that went into the show.

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Brian not only helped with the makeup designs for the characters that Legacy Effects created for Captain Marvel, but was also responsible for several sculptures including the final Talos sculptural design.

 “Hollywood Glamorous Moment”


It is always amazing how much of a movie that we shoot during the weeks or months of principle photography. It is always amazing too, how much work we put into a film that ends up on the “digital” cutting room floor and never makes it into the final product.

This blockbuster was no different.

Early in the summer of 2018, production began three weeks of night shoots up at the quarry in Simi Valley. This round of shooting was going to be the opening scene of the movie including the alien race, the Torfans. It was an amazing three weeks as a makeup artist. I was able to hire around 50 makeup artists and hair stylists for the Legacy Makeup crew to handle upwards of 12 hero Skrull makeups, 18 Stunt Skrull makeups or masks, and on our biggest days, about 40 to 50 Torfans. SO MUCH FUN!

Three weeks of “Night Shoots”. Three weeks of going into work at 3pm, and driving home at 7am to try and sleep during the day.

Three weeks of hard work by a lot of people in every department… Gone.