Avengers : Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame

Brian Sipe was the Department Head for the Prosthetics Makeup team representing Legacy Effects.

The role began early in pre-production, where he worked through the fabrication shop and oversaw the prosthetics build and carried over to set where he oversaw the makeup application team.

His department was responsible for the Guardians of the Galaxy characters, the Zehoberei (Gamora’s home planet) in Infinity War and the Ravagers (various aliens originally lead by Yondu).

 Throughout Avengers : Infinity War and Endgame, Brian was proudly part of Team Drax which also included Jon “Ginge” Moore, Robin Pritchard and Matt Sprunger.

Brian also oversaw the redesign of Nebula’s prosthetics to streamline the application process, as well as the need to adapt to Karen Gillan’s “non shaved head” life.

He also stepped in occasionally to assist lead Nebula makeup artist, Alexei Dmitriew, with the makeup application.



One of the specialty makeup moments is very proud to be a part of was “Old Cap”. The makeup was created at Legacy Effects and sculpted by Jason Matthews. The overall effect was a perfect melding of practical makeup and digital makeup. The prosthetics created and applied were a silicone neck, silicone upper eyelids and brows, right and left eye bags, and topped off with a bald cap. The eyebrows here hand punched into the prosthetic.

The makeup was applied on set by Brian Sipe and Alexei Dmitriew.